Frequently Asked Questions

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I just want to "give scuba a try." Can I do that?  Yes! We frequently invite folks to do this during the first session of an Open Water Diver certification class for this very reason. This is called Discover Scuba. Deep Blue allows folks to Discover Scuba without making a big investment. Let us know if you're interested -- we'd love to have you!

Do I have to complete my certification in two weeks? No. Although the classes are scheduled on "back-to-back" weekends, we'll work with you to find a schedule that suits your needs.

I'm not comfortable with a given technique or skill, and I'm nervous about the open water dives. Can I do another round of pool sessions first? Absolutely! In the OWD class, you will learn that as a diver, you never do anything you're not comfortable with. Being nervous takes the fun out of diving, and nervous divers are more prone to panic and error. We prefer you have a second (or third or fourth, for that matter) round of pool sessions to prepare you for the open water dives. When you're ready, you'll let us know.

I'm not good at a certain skill or one-on-one instruction available?  Yes, it is. Private classes are definitely one way to get very detailed and thorough instruction. However, Deep Blue's divemasters take great care to engage students and provide them with tips, tricks, and training to master skills and techniques during each part of the Open Water Diver class. Each class typically has four (4) to eight (8) students.

Do I have to buy anything? No, you don't. Everything you need to complete the Open Water Diver class will be provided by Deep Blue except your personal gear. Certain packages may or may not include the rental fee for these items and(or the license for Blue Hole), so be sure to ask!

I want to go diving, but don't have anyone to go with...can I "tag along" with a class? Sure! We welcome all of our previous students to "tag along" to an open water dive session. Our instructors and divemasters love diving, and probably won't hesitate to have an extra dive or two with you once current students are taken care of. Do be certain to speak with the class instructor or divemaster before the session in question, though.

How deep can I dive once I'm certified? Recreational diving guidelines limit divers to a maximum of 132 feet at sea level. Diving at altitude decreases this maximum. While "deep diving" can be fun, it is our experience that a great majority of amazing dives are usually at depths shallower than sixty (60) feet. There's often more to be seen at shallower depths. Shallower dives also provide for longer dive times.

Can I wear contact lenses when I dive? Yes. Generally speaking, if you can shower or swim in your lenses, you can wear them without too much trouble while diving. Soft lenses are preferrable (at least to our staff) since hard lenses tend to "pop out" more frequently and aren't as comfortable when water gets in the eyes.

Does ANYONE look good in a wetsuit? Hey, looks aren't everything!, not really. Except Will in his red lobster wetsuit.


It is important students understand that elevation changes between Santa Rosa and Albuquerque can adversely impact student safety. Deep Blue strongly advises that students stay the night in Santa Rosa at the end of the first day of diving. Students are advised that they should allow themselves several hours after the end of diving on the second day to off-gas before driving home.


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