Get to know our friendly staff at Deep Blue Scuba New Mexico:

Enrique Castaneda – PADI Master Instructor, Store Owner

Enrique was born in Manzanillo Mexico in 1970. After immigrating to the USA and getting settled in in 1988 he began learning new sports like skiing and golfing. In 2000 Enrique set his sights on the underwater world and become a certified diver. Enrique loved diving and became an Instructor in 2008, he wanted to share his love of diving with new students. In June 2011 Enrique and friends started Deep Blue Scuba. He wanted a dive shop where divers could come in and hang out and have fun diving together. When Enrique is not diving blue hole, Santa Rosa he wants to be diving white wall in Taveuni, Fiji and devils throat in Cozumel, Mexico.



Ray Nance – Open Water Scuba Instructor

Ray has been diving since 2007. He started diving after a trip to Hawaii during Christmas,

2006. During that trip, he had the opportunity to go underwater in a tourist submarine and 

could only think of how peaceful it looked outside of the sub. Two weeks after returning, he 

signed up for his first PADI course at a diveshop in Roswell. Over the next three years, he 

completed Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue Diver at Balmorhea, TX. Upon 

moving to Albuquerque in 2010, Ray began to dive with Sandia Snorkel and Scuba and over the 

course of the next year completed training to become a Divemaster. When Deep Blue Scuba 

bought Sandia, he began diving with the Deep Blue crew and complete Assistant Instructor

training in March 2013. During the summer of 2013, Ray completed instructor training with Sea 

Experience in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and returned to Albuquerque to teach with Deep Blue Scuba.

Ray's favorite diving locations are the reefs of Cozumel and the Big Island of Hawaii, where he 

loves to watch manta rays and sea turtles as evidenced by the tattoos on his leg. These days, if 

you don't find him chasing hot air balloons or teaching engineering at The ASK Academy, you 

will probably find him at Deep Blue.



Fred Harper - Master Scuba Diver Trainer

700 dives - diving since 1975

Brief scuba history: Venezuela in the 70; NM, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, and NJ in the 80s; Bahamas, and NJ in the 90s; Honduras, Red Sea, Cozumel, Hawaii, Indonesia, Saba, and NM in the past 10 years.

Hometown - Albuquerque (since 1964)

Teaching Specialties: Night, Enriched Air, Altitude, Deep, Digital Underwater Photography, Drift, Multilevel.

I went pro because I love diving and teaching - love the technical aspects of diving.

Favorite place to go diving - Roatan, Honduras.

Favorite kind of diving - night diving on a coral reef, drift diving off a steep reef wall, and swim through's in a reef.

Real Job: Senior Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories




Bill Monsam - PADI Master Instructor , HSA Course Director

In 2003, my wife dragged me to the scuba shop to take the PADI Open Water Course. I had several other hobbies and was certified by my Dad at age 9 in Connecticut (pre-PADI), dove until I joined the Air Force, so I wasn’t really interested in diving again. Shortly after finishing AOW and PPB, Michele took a work assignment in Ireland for 10 months. When we next saw each other I had finished my Dive Master and we were diving off the Connemara coast westof Galway. In 2005, I completed my IE and continued training and teaching, which I really enjoy. All of my other toys have long since been sold and all we do is scuba dive. I heard about Operation Deep Down through a friend and volunteered Michele to help facilitate our committee meetings. The rest is history.



William Ford – PADI Assistant Instructor

Will has been diving since 2005. Having started diving through a high school dive club in 

California, he steadily became more involved in the diving community. In 2007 he began working at a dive store in Temecula while also beginning the PADI divemaster program. In 2008, he began to focus more on the gear side of diving working on regulators and compressor systems. To this day Will prefers the cold waters of Catalina Island to any other dive spot. You can find will working at the dive shop in his spare time fixing gear or working on the compressor.



Tadeusz Szaj - Assistant Instructor

Tadeusz has first diving experience in late 90s and has been SSI certified since 2000. Recently DM and AI PADI certifications. Absolutely love tropical waters, diving experience in Philippines, Fiji, Mediterranean and Caribbean sea.





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